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The Highlights Book of Things to Do

The Highlights Book of Things to Do stands as a beacon of creativity and inspiration, offering children aged seven and up a treasure trove of activities to ignite their imagination and curiosity. From timeless pursuits like knot-tying and campfire building to modern endeavors such as connecting circuits and empowering themselves socially, this hands-on activity book serves as a guide for young minds eager to explore, create, and make a difference in the world.

Alexander Isley Inc.
Red Herring Design
Book Production, Defining Visual Vocabulary
Lead Designer

brief & idea

As a beloved American institution with a rich history spanning over a billion copies in print, Highlights magazine sought to expand its offerings into new territories while staying true to its core values and identity. The challenge lay in articulating and nurturing the brand’s essence while simultaneously forging pathways to new products and markets, ensuring that any expansion remained authentic to the spirit of Highlights.


To address this challenge, our team embarked on a journey to develop the visual vocabulary and sample pages for the Highlights Book of Things to Do. Drawing inspiration from vintage editions of Highlights magazine, we delved deep into the brand’s heritage to craft a visual language that resonated with its loyal audience while also appealing to new generations of readers.

By meticulously researching and studying the timeless charm of Highlights, we created layouts and templates that captured the essence of the brand while providing a fresh and modern aesthetic.

Although the book was ultimately produced by Red Herring Design, our layouts served as inspiration, ensuring that the final product remained faithful to the vision and values of Highlights.

Through this collaborative effort, we not only helped Highlights define itself in new areas but also paved the way for future growth and innovation. By staying true to the brand’s roots while embracing new opportunities, the Highlights Book of Things to Do continues to inspire children worldwide to dream big, explore endlessly, and do great things.