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Home Depot Design Center

In response to the evolving needs of homeowners and design professionals, The Home Depot embarked on an ambitious venture to introduce a new division dedicated to crafting customized high-end kitchens and bathrooms. Tasked with branding and launching this initiative, our team was commissioned to develop a cohesive identity that seamlessly integrated with the master brand while reflecting the division’s commitment to premium design and personalized service.

Home Depot Design Center
Alexander Isley Inc.
Angela Chen, Shannon Stolting
Environmental Graphics
Vehicle Designer

brief & idea

With the launch of The Home Depot Design Centers, there arose a critical need to establish a distinct visual identity for the division that not only resonated with its target audience but also aligned harmoniously with the overarching Home Depot brand. Additionally, the challenge extended to creating a consistent brand presence across all touchpoints, including the fleet of delivery trucks and vehicles, which served as mobile ambassadors for the division.


To address these challenges effectively, our team led the design efforts for The Home Depot Design Center fleet, ensuring that each vehicle served as a dynamic extension of the brand’s identity. Leveraging the established visual language developed for the division, we meticulously applied the brand’s logo, typography, and color palette to the fleet, creating a cohesive and impactful presence on the road.

Furthermore, we collaborated closely with The Home Depot’s internal leadership and design teams to ensure that the brand’s visual approach was seamlessly implemented throughout the showroom spaces and work areas.

By integrating the division’s branding into the fleet of delivery trucks, vans, pickups, and supervisors’ cars, we not only reinforced brand recognition but also extended the division’s reach and visibility within the community.

Through this strategic approach to branding and design, we successfully transformed the fleet of vehicles into mobile showcases of The Home Depot Design Centers, further solidifying the division’s position as a premier destination for high-end kitchen and bathroom solutions.