Erika Back

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Fishtank Adventures

The idea of the designer has evolved. Once it was restricted to print and logos, but now includes everything from brand strategy to 3D modeling and augmented reality.

Erika Back
Storyboarding, 3D modeling, Animation
Lead Designer, production
Cinema 4D

brief & idea

In an ever-changing digital landscape, it is essential for the designer to continue to expand their skillsets and make time for creative exercises.


By treating the fishtank like an ocean, I could include a playful environment. The fish presented an opportunity to develop and sculpt in 3D models. While creating a submarine it allowed me to develop complex objects through simple, basic shapes.

Not only could I create a fun environment, but I was also able to develop the lighting and reflections. From there I developed the animation to give the appearance of a submarine and fish bobbing in the water, while the seaweed could move freely.