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Hess Toy Truck Packaging

Since 1964, the arrival of the Hess Toy Trucks has marked a cherished annual tradition eagerly anticipated by fans of all ages. As part of our ongoing collaboration with Hess Corporation, we have had the privilege of designing the packaging for these iconic trucks for several years. Each year, we embark on a journey to create packaging that not only showcases the meticulously crafted design of the truck but also resonates with the brand’s values and legacy.

HESS Toy Truck
Alexander Isley Inc.
Naming, Packaging, Illustration
Lead Designer, Illustrator

brief & idea

With the annual release of the Hess Toy Trucks being such a highly anticipated event, there is immense pressure to deliver packaging that captures the essence of the brand and excites consumers. Our challenge lies in ensuring that each year’s design not only aligns seamlessly with the brand’s values but also stands out as iconic and memorable amidst the excitement of the holiday season. Additionally, the process often involves brainstorming product names and overseeing various aspects of production, from renderings to packaging design.


To tackle this challenge effectively, I assumed responsibility for overseeing the entire design process for the annual Hess Toy Trucks packaging. This encompassed leading brainstorming sessions to generate innovative product names, ensuring they resonate with our target audience and encapsulate the essence of each year’s truck. Additionally, I meticulously supervised the creation of renderings and worked closely with box producers to guarantee that the packaging design not only meets our stringent quality standards but also aligns seamlessly with the brand’s image.

Recognizing the significance of maintaining cohesive branding across all Hess products, I also took charge of illustrating the Hess Toy Plush. This ensured that the design harmoniously integrated with the overall aesthetic of the Hess Toy Trucks lineup. Through this comprehensive approach to design and production, we successfully crafted packaging that not only honors the legacy of the Hess Toy Trucks but also captivates consumers year after year.