Erika Back

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Pickard Chilton Studio Video

At Pickard Chilton studio, we embarked on a transformative project to bolster our presence in the competitive architectural design landscape. Recognizing the need to introduce ourselves in a compelling manner for an upcoming marketing campaign, I took on the role of producer to spearhead the creation of a captivating video that would showcase our studio’s prowess and distinguish us in the market.

Pickard Chilton
Brand Strategy, Video Production, Campaign Development
Remy Weber / ESTO Photography
Lead Designer, Producer

brief & idea

Despite our studio’s track record of delivering premium design solutions, we encountered a significant hurdle in our quest for new opportunities: our name recognition. In the midst of competitive pitches and client engagements, it became evident that our relatively lesser-known brand was hindering our ability to stand out and win over potential clients. We needed a solution to effectively communicate our expertise, values, and unique approach to design in order to overcome this challenge and capture the attention of our target audience.


To address this challenge head-on, I conceptualized and produced a dynamic video introduction for Pickard Chilton studio. Leveraging the power of visual storytelling, I orchestrated a comprehensive approach that involved interviewing 13 coworkers to capture diverse perspectives and insights about our studio. Through meticulous planning and coordination, I developed tailored interview questions and arranged filming schedules to ensure a cohesive and compelling narrative.

Additionally, I facilitated the acquisition of B-Roll footage to complement the interviews, enriching the visual storytelling experience and further highlighting our studio’s capabilities. By taking a proactive approach to showcasing our strengths and values through this video, we were able to effectively introduce ourselves to our target audience, enhance our brand recognition, and position Pickard Chilton studio for continued success in the competitive architectural design industry.