Erika Back

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Yale Canopy

To adapt to the growing needs of society, the Yale School of Forestry, on July 1, 2020, announced their name change to the Yale School of the Environment to reflect their diverse offerings and environmental contributions.

Yale School of the Environment
Graphic Design, Brand Strategy
Design Firm:
Alexander Isley Inc.
Designer, Production

Brief & Idea.

Acting as an interim design team for the Yale School of the Environment, we would need to announce the new name in a way that holistically engaged all aspects of their departments, be it forestry, renewable energy, or environmental management.

This special issue of Canopy was essential for showing how the school confronted a COVID-19 both academically and globally.


We developed a special issue of Canopy magazine, their biannual publication, announcing the school name change. Considering the readership, we addressed paragraph styles and captions to create a lasting, readable publication. We also commissioned illustrations to include more color and variety within the magazine.

While it used recyclable paper, I found that we could replace the binding glue with a water-soluble formula at the same price point, providing a more holistic product as we advanced.